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Friday, October 14, 2005

2006 30 hour LAN

There will be a 30 hour LAN 13th and 14th January 2006.
Starting 6PM Friday the 13th and going to Midnight Saturday 14th.

We will run a screening of the entire extended version of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy - 13 hours. It will start at 7pm Friday the 13th and finish around 8am Saturday morning.

If you want to come for this alone - on the big screen with surround sound and in comfortable armchairs - then it is free. There will be meals and drinks available as well for a small cost.

We will also be patching the games for 2006 RAW WAR and playing lots of games.

Prices will be posted soon.

Question. Would you prefer to pay an all inclusive fee and be fed for the entire event - dinner Friday, breakfast lunch and dinner Saturday with proper meals, or pay the normal $15 and get pizza on Saturday only and the rest is up to you?

Please let me know.

Round 7 /3 Results

The LAN on 1st October held Round 7 of the Top Gun trophy individual tournament and Round 3 of the pairs tournament for RAW WAR 2005.
Currently the scores are a little distorted by the fact some teams have only played teams that they have easily beaten or been beaten by. This will change as the draw works its way out for the remainder of the year so for those who appear at the bottom of the table - take heart!. To those at the top - watch out!

Remaining Rounds
There is one round left to go on 29th October. This will be the final for the Top Gun - You will need a HUGE score to take out Nightshade who is comfortably in 1st place. The battle for second place will be tough with last years winner Gunner only a few points behind Penguin Boy.

Grand Final
The Grand Final on 26th November will be for the pairs tournament only.
I will post the format for this as soon as Wayne has it worked out. You will need to make sure you register for this well in advance so we can have the draw sorted in time.

Stay tuned for more news on the 2006 LAN's and RAW WAR formats.
Please email us if you have any requests for 2006 or comments to make on this year.

Click the pairs results picture for a bigger version.