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Sunday, June 26, 2005

RAW WAR News 26 June 2005

From now on (July 2nd) it will be teams of two, and possibly 4 in some games. Make sure you have a partner, and if you don't we will assign you one.
We want to get back to good team gaming rather than all out slug fests, fun though they can be.
If you already come in a team then you will need to work out who you are going to play with. If you usually come on your own, but have a preference who you team with then please let us know when you register.

Please register your team - you and your partner - so we can set the tournament up beforehand as much as possible. You wil also get to come for $10 instead of $12.

We will continue with the same three games, Rise Of Nations, UT2004 and Insane Racing. Wayne will advise server settings on the night.

Don't forget if you want to come early we are open from midday and will be playing Far Cry, Battlefield 2 Demo, and possibly Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30.

RAW WAR 2005 Round 4 Results

Round 4 results sees Bosom Buddy's team out in front. This will be the last round of a two team format.

Don't forget to play in our UT2004 deathmatch individual game competing for the top gun prize. Last year it was a new 128mb video card. This year will be something spectacular! - stay tuned. Droll currently leads this contest which is scored on your average score from every round you play with a minimum of 2 rounds to qualify.

Click the picture for a larger version of the results.