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Sunday, May 15, 2005

KROSTech LAN Round 4 - 4th June 2005

Round 4 of RAW WAR is on 4th June 2005, midday to midnight.
See results of Round 3 for scoring and team changes.
Don't forget to register to get discounted entry.

Insane will be capture the flag.
Unreal Tournament 2004 will be bombing run.

Round 3 Results

Round 3 saw some confusion with the new 3 team format, especially since one whole team didn't show.
We have decided to combine the two weaker teams into the two stronger teams creating a two team competition.
So Droll's team will all combine with Bosom Buddy and Elnarias team will all combine with NEUROTech's s Team. The exception will be Elnaria who will play for Bosom buddy from now on.
We have calculated the scores from Round 3 on this basis. All previous team scores for Elnaria and Droll were added to Neurotech and Bosum Buddy with the result that both teams ended up on 54 points each (what a fluke).

Individual deathmatch for Top Gun proves to be a hotly contested 20 minutes with Droll currently in first place with an average kill of 47.33. Remember you have to play at least twice to participate.

(Click the attached scores for a larger version.)

Monday, May 02, 2005

Next LAN 7th May details

Next LAN - RAW WAR Round 3
We will run RAW WAR this weekend (7th May) even though Wayne isn't going to be there as we have advertised that.

Elnaria's team has merged as follows. Joel is going into Droll's team, all other players who have been placed in Elnaria's team will be picked up by the other teams as appropriate.

We have changed the scoring format and as we have only got 3 teams for the rest of the year the first two rounds will not count toward the end of the year. However they were fun and well played and the results stand on their own!

Check the new scoring rules.

RAW WAR 2005 Round 2 Results

Here are the results.
Click on the picture for a bigger version.