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Saturday, February 26, 2005

LAN this coming weekend 5th March 2005

Don't forget to register for the LAN this coming weekend 5th March. Midday to Midnight.
Registering gets you a $2 discount. Email is the best way for now.

We are playing UT2004, Rise Of Nations and Insane Racing. Kick off at 7PM sharp after Pizza.
If you haven't got them installed or patched to the versions we are using then please be there by 3PM at the latest. This way we avoid a bottle neck around 5-6PM as people all want to patch at once.
If you have an external USB drive then bring it - makes it a way lot easier!

All the prices are here.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Calendar for 2005

The LAN Calendar for 2005 is here!

12 hour LANS run from Midday to Midnight
March 5th
April 2nd
May 7th
June 4th
July 2nd
August 6th
September 3rd
October 1st
October 29th
November 26 will be the RAW WAR Grand final

Don't forget to register to get the discounted price. Don't expect someone else to register for you - make sure you register by emailing.