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Sunday, January 16, 2005

30 Hour LAN results

A fantastic 30 hours of gaming.
Most played game would have to have been Unreal Tournament 2004.
Need For Speed Underground 2 and V8 Super cars proved popular as well as Warhammer 40K Dawn of War.
Rise of Nations never got off the ground due to version conflicts. We will resolve this issue before the RAW WAR tournaments start. In the mean time practice, practice, practice...

The small room and the heat were a issue - thanks guys and girls for not complaining. We will be back in the main hall for the rest of the year with the breeze and fans!

Thanks also to everybody who stayed back and helped pack up. That was much appreciated and meant we left just over an hour after the network was shutdown. Its your effort and willingness to help that makes it a great place to be.

The calendar for next year will be posted shortly. Most of the dates are set - we are just trying to work out if we can do one in February as well. Email krostech if you want to play again before 6th March.

See ya all at the next LAN.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Final details for 30 Hour LAN 14-15 Jan 2005

The upcoming 30 hour LAN is looking good. - there are already over 20 people registered to come.
There have been enough requests for Warcraft to play a modified tournament on Friday night. There will be some prizes. Individual games not team games. We will kick it off around 8pm.

Saturday night we will run in the normal RAW WAR format - though this is not an official WAR RAW round. However we will be playing some of the games for RAW WAR 2005.
Format for Saturday night is:
Pizza 6:30, Rise of nations tournament 7-10, UT2004 10-11:30
$12 for Saturday night only, $15 for the whole LAN and $2 discount for entry with a discount voucher - how do you get that? by registering!