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Friday, October 14, 2005

2006 30 hour LAN

There will be a 30 hour LAN 13th and 14th January 2006.
Starting 6PM Friday the 13th and going to Midnight Saturday 14th.

We will run a screening of the entire extended version of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy - 13 hours. It will start at 7pm Friday the 13th and finish around 8am Saturday morning.

If you want to come for this alone - on the big screen with surround sound and in comfortable armchairs - then it is free. There will be meals and drinks available as well for a small cost.

We will also be patching the games for 2006 RAW WAR and playing lots of games.

Prices will be posted soon.

Question. Would you prefer to pay an all inclusive fee and be fed for the entire event - dinner Friday, breakfast lunch and dinner Saturday with proper meals, or pay the normal $15 and get pizza on Saturday only and the rest is up to you?

Please let me know.