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Monday, August 15, 2005

Round 6 / 2 Results

The LAN on 6th August held Round 6 of the Top Gun trophy individual tournament and Round 2 of the pairs tournament for RAW WAR 2005.
Currently the scores are a little distorted by the fact some teams have only played teams that they have easily beaten or been beaten by. This will change as the draw works its way out for the remainder of the year so for those who appear at the bottom of the table - take heart!. To those at the top - watch out!

Top gun results
Remember you have to play at least two top gun events for your score to count. All scores are average scores over every 20 minute deathmatch played. Players who have played only once have had their score divided by 2. These results will be removed for final calculation at year end. It looks like Gunner might find it difficult keeping the trophy this year!

Pairs Tournament results
Click the image for a larger version.
Pairs need to register for each tournment in advance so that the draw for the night can be calculated.
This last LAN there were seven 10 minute Capture The Flag rounds of UT2004, one 90 minute round of Rise Of Nations and 3 Insane Racing Return The Flag maps.