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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

August Lan Timetable

Download the PDF file of the timetable for the August LAN to be held 6th August from Midday to Midnight.

Additionally there are some new security practices at church that we need to adhere to. There will be a single sign in and sign out sheet to be used for the LAN from now on replacing the little forms we had previously. You will need to sign this BEFORE bringing your gear into the building, and sign out when you leave. This is for emergency purposes so that we have an up to date list of who is on site at all times should any accidents or emergencies ever happen.

Additionally you will need to sign - once only - a new indemnity form. This will be available at each LAN from now on but once you have signed one you won't need to sign again.

Don't forget to register for your $2 discount, and your team for the tournament. Nominate a partner if you have one or request Wayne to allocate you to a team. Remember we cannot take team registrations after Friday night 5th August. If you just turn up to the LAN you may not be able to play in the tournament.

Important change to the previous timetable
The Top Gun Individual Deathmatch will now be held at 5:30PM.
Make sure you are in UT2004 and ready to go by 5:30 - we wont be waiting for people. Last months massacre was a very intesne 20 minutes.

See you there!