Rise of Nations Tournament Results - September 2008

[img_assist|nid=578|title=|desc=|link=node|align=right|width=93|height=150]Rise of Nations Tournament – last Saturday

13 points Xeravyn
12 “ Enigma
11 “ NeuroTech
10 “ BosomBuddy
9 “ Gunner
8 “ Dragongirl
7 “ Ice Maiden
6 “ Shotgun
5 “ Viper
4 “ Jadeen
3 “ Jade
2 “ devilmaycare
1 “ Draven

Updated Points Table attached.

Next event is the Bathurst Race on 1st November. This will most likely be the final event for the year, with December being too busy usually to get many people together, however if I’m inundated with requests for a December Lan, then I will do my best to accommodate.

First event for 2009 is tentatively 24th January. I’ve had a request for a Counter-Strike Source tournament and also a Dota tournament so if you’d like to vote for your favourite one, then the majority will rule.

I’ll be on holidays for the next 6 weeks and only contactable by email and / or facebook.

See you all at Bathurst and if you haven’t let me know if you’re coming, please do so and also if you need to hire a pc and / or purchase a copy of the game ($30).