Bathurst Spectacular Results from 30 Hour LAN 2008

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Thanks to everyone who turned up to make last Saturday night a raging success. This was actually the 4th Bathurst Spectacular and it turned out to be every bit as fun as all the rest. This was also the most cars we've had entered.

Special thank-yous:
Tim for organising and maintaining a trouble-free network the whole evening and providing the laptop for the driver's log; Tim & Marty for supplying extra computers so more people could take part; Shane for keeping a running tally of placings in case of power failure; Joseph for being official photographer; Team Happy Families for bringing that ridiculous helmet which gave everyone a good laugh. And of course Wayne for organising the whole Bathurst Spectacular.
Explanation of Team Names:
CRV - Marty (Viper) is always the last to click ready when we're waiting to play, so the common catchcry is "click Ready, Viper" - hence CRV.
KROSTech - named after Tim's lan.
Pacemakers - not because they all have artificial hearts, but because their lead driver is Jerry.
Mercenaries - team made up of individuals who were thrown together at the last minute.
Team Dilmah - lead driver Dilmah. (maybe they put tea in their fuel
Happy Families - all members were related either by blood or marriage (not to each other or they wouldn't be happy).

1st car across the line: CRV 1 - Gunner / Viper
2nd KROSTech 1 - N3ur0T3ch / Rochie
3rd CRV 2 - Redback / Glacius
Fastest Lap Gunner
Fastest Team CRV 1 & 2
Fastest Privateer Pacemakers
Fastest Senior Car (50+) Pacemakers
Fastest Junior Car (-18) KROSTech 2
Fastest Female Car (no entries)

Final Placings:
1st - CRV 1 - Gunner / Viper
2nd - KROSTech 1 - N3ur0T3ch / Rochie
3rd - CRV 2 - Redback / Glacius
4th - Pacemakers - Jerry / Jade / Enigma
5th - KROSTech 2 - 007 / Davros
6th - KROSTech 3 - Faz / Scooter
7th - Happy Families 1 - BosomBuddy / Nomad / Zakath
8th - Team Dilmah - Dilmah / Joekster / James
9th - Happy Families 2 - Bhuntaah / Yuke / Medic
10th- Mercenaries - Mick / Marty / Pete / Rhino