Raw War this Saturday 25th August

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2:00 pm – 11:00pm
Rivers Baptist Church Hall, 90 Francis Rd, Lawnton
$10 including pizza plus an extra $1 to play in the bonus events where you can score movie passes.
BYO PC, non-amplified or enhanced speakers, powerboard, network cable (minimum 3m, but 5m is best)

Bonus event will be Counter-Strike Source with handicap partners, so everyone has the same chance of winning. If we get enough entries, we can run A & B servers to double your chances of getting a prize.

If we have time and enough interest, we may run another bonus event later on.

Some special requests:

Please don’t leave your vehicle on the grass (dirt, he-he). If you have a larger than normal load and need to pull up to unload, that’s fine, then just move back onto the bitumen.
Pizza Time
Before we eat, some of us choose to say Grace and give thanks for the food. We don’t expect you to take part, but please respect us and just be quiet until we’re finished.
Packing Up
Please take care to clean up your area at the end of the night. It needs to be clean for Sunday School the next morning.

Thanks for your help. It allows everyone to have a good time.

Look forward to seeing you Saturday.