Raw War 2007 Round 7

90 Francis Road Lawnton
Event Details:
Next Raw War will be on 25th August. I know, I know…..it’s not the 3rd Saturday, but the church has a large function happening and they asked if it was possible for me to switch the booking so they can use the hall. They look after us pretty well, so I was happy to oblige.
The bonus event for last month was V8, with Bleeding Gums and Uncle Dave winning the prizes.
Bonus event for next month is back to Counter-Strike. Given enough time and enough entries, I might be able to squeeze another event in later in the evening.
The bonus event costs an extra $1 but there are always some movie tickets to be won and all teams are kept pretty even to give everyone the same chance. I might not have to start this one as early as the rest (3:45) but probably would need to get started no later than 4:30, so if you’re keen, make sure your pc is up and working and the game installed and running by 4:30.
Cheers, hope to see you all there.