Raw War 2007 Round 5

90 Francis Road Lawnton
Event Details:
Hi All
All geared up for Round 5 this Saturday. 2pm – 11:30pm.
Cost: $10 (includes pizza)
BYO: PC, powerboard, network cable (I have spares for hire for $1 if needed).
Where: Rivers Baptist Church Hall – 90 Francis Road, Lawnton
As we did last time, we’ll be running another bonus event, this time in Warcraft Dota (Frozen Throne).
Registration for the Bonus Event closes at 3:45 and costs $1 (on top of your normal Raw War entry). Again, there will be movie ticket prizes and players will be paired together by me so that all teams are even. This means you need to have the game loaded and ready to play by 3:45.
Dota is very quick to install and easy to play so don’t be put off if you’ve never played it before. You only have to control one figure (a Hero) to fight against the opposing armies. You’ll be paired with a good partner who’ll help you through. Everyone that enters will have the same chance at winning because the worse they are, the better their partner.
If we get enough entries, I’ll run an A & B server with movie ticket prizes in each (need at least 8 people for 2 servers)
normal Raw War events
V8 (3)
I’m prepared to accept a vote on the type of vehicles to race with this Saturday. So, email me the name of the Championship (or just the type of vehicle) you want to race, and I’ll run with majority rules.
Last round we split into 2 teams and stayed the same side all night. Many people said they preferred to change teams, so we’ll do that this time.
I’ll arrange the 2 teams again, then we’ll play, say 7 maps on each side before changing maps.
If you’d be interested in playing a strategy game but don’t have one or can’t people to play yours, then why not try Dota? It’s easy to install and very easy to play, yet as you get deeper into it, it really becomes a tactical battle. If you’re interested, see me sometime before tea and I’ll help you get started.
Remember to email me with your vote for V8 championship or any other questions or suggestions.