Raw War Round 2 Results

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Hi guys,

Thanks for a great evening on Saturday night. Plenty of good clean fun. The results are listed below. Remember that in each game, all your scores are tallied up (eg: every map score in CS) then you are allocated Raw War points at the end.

One point for finishing last, two points for second last, etc.

Next time I’m thinking about having an optional strategy timeslot around 4:00pm where the only game to score points will be DOTA. This will give those people that have to leave early the chance to record a strategy score and it also means that we might even get enough participants for 2 servers. I’ve chosen DOTA because it’s the easiest to play, install and run and most computers.

If you choose to just play your strategy game at the end of the night, you can do that too.

I’ve listed the results just from Saturday below. The total results for the year are in the attached spreadsheet. They should be on the website www.riversbaptist.com in a few days. The Top Gun award will be presented at the end of the year to the player with the best 3 results in each game.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me. Next Raw War is on Saturday 20th April (3rd Saturday of the month).

The results are attached below.

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