Removing starforce from your PC

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Starforce, the copy protection software is basically a device controller (driver) that is stealthily installed into your operating systems core when a starforce protected game disk is first read.

Unfortunately there are a fair number of games that come with Starforce "Protection" included.
These include V8 Supercars 2 and 3. It is likely that if you have played these games that these hardware drivers will be installed on your computer.

The problems they cause are many and varied starting with difficulties burning CDs and DVDs, higher burn fails, potential damage to the optical drive itself, and possibly PC slow downs.

I strongly recommend that you remove these drivers form your PC.
Here are some pages to read about the problem and how to remove the drivers.
Boycott Starforce - and how to remove Starforce

I tried the removal tool and it didnt work so I manually removed it successfully following Epo's instructions