30 Hour update

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For those who are unbelievers - we are still running the 30 hour LAN!
Only 4 sleeps to go

We will have net access, though only on a separate network and not for gaming, only for people who might need it for something like patches, email and banking etc.

Gigabit Network
We will have a Gigabit network for those who have Gigabit cards. This will be limited to those people only and still connected to the 100Mb network for everybody else. If you have a Gigabit switch feel free to bring it - we will have 14 Gigabit ports available.

We do have a fully catered option for those who want it for $40 - you must register online and then email be by thursday 11th to access this or I will not cater for you.

We will be playing
Call of Juarez
Nascar 2002 (dodgem cars!)
Far Cry
Battlefield 2 and maybe Battlefield 1942
V8 Supercars 2 and 3
Counterstrike Source
Company of Heroes
Rise Of Nations
and more..

So what are you waiting for - sign up online and get your PC to Lawnton for the 30 hours of insane leac - I mean lanning!