Get ready for battle in GameSpot’s Medieval Massacre Tournament!

Face the evil forces of your enemies in our $1,000 Dark Messiah Might and Magic ™ (PC) tournament. Summon your magic powers, sharpen your mighty swords, and prepare for intense melee and action.

Tournament registration is NOW OPEN!

In the Medieval Massacre Tournament, eight 6-player teams will enter the Might and Magic® universe and wage an epic battle to win the top prize. Every match will pit two teams against each other, but only one faction, the Humans or the Undead, will emerge victorious and advance to the next massacre.

And of course, we'll broadcast the Finals live on GameSpot Tournament TV! You'll get to watch your favorite GameSpot editors cover the entire competition with tons of commentary, gameplay analysis, and interviews with some of the top players.

US residents only

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