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[img_assist|nid=472|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=100|height=67] After years of waiting Unreal Tournament 3 is finally on shelves. UT3 sticks to the old-school premise that had made classic games a fun experience. Elements have been replaced to create a faster-paced environment, such as not including the Shield Game. Now players will now find that the fast pace is a primary way to dodge and withstand fire. Epic has boldly decided to merge some of the old elements with the new in UT3. Dodge-jumping from UT200# is out, but the double-jumping is still present along with wall-dodging. The six rockets that could be loaded into UT99's Rocket Launcher is still MIA, but the secondary fire will provide users with the chose of spiraling loaded rockets, or launching a set of grenades which can prove deadly around corners.

One of the areas where the game really excels is the array of vehicles included. There are now fifteen vehicles, all unique. There are the more basic humvees and tanks, to the the strong, unique Necris vehicles. There are also the really interesting Hoverboard and the Manta.

Unreal has created a whole new gametype referred to as Warfare. New additions to Warfare are the addition of unlinked nodes and countdown nodes. Unlinked nodes are pretty much an extra spawn point that players can capture. Countdown nodes, on the other hand, are more important. These nodes trigger events that provide teams with an event or vehicle that makes killing the Power Core possible, or easier in most cases. "Orbs" are also available for each team to carry to a power node, which instantly captures the node, this in turn adds up to a new sense of strategy and planning in comparison to Onslaught. The graphics in UT3 are pretty sweet. The beauty of the map expands from the hazardous sludge pits to the peak of the map, where a sniper’s nest can be attended. It’s safe to note that the sounds of Unreal are spot-on. Classic Unreal music has also been re-done along with the maps, and flawlessly might I add.

Minor gripes and glitches limit the game, but only to a point that you could care less about. Obviously, being shared on consoles this time around, the game feels like it was focused on a console, which is kind of sad considering the reputation Epic Games hold. Needless to say, a patch has already been announced which is going to fix a nice chunk of mishaps the game has had. These include some of the server browser issues, player-height, and other minor problems found on the release.

[img_assist|nid=469|title= |desc=|link=node|align=right|width=100|height=75]As you’d expect, Unreal Tournament 3 delivers yet another engrossing shooter which takes place in the Unreal universe. The revamped classic gameplay makes this Unreal Tournament 3 feel fresh regardless of how old the gameplay’s formula is. Superior technology in the game adds on to the gameplay, as this is the most beautiful shooter out right now.

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