Simultaneous servers for Driving and Strategy Games

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Wayne is going to trial a new concept in 2006 for at least the first couple of RAW WAR Tournaments.

For both the Driving Game and the Strategy Game we will run 2 simultaneous games on multiple servers if necessary. This will allow players to choose the game they join.

For example when its the drving game we will run servers of V8 Supercars2 and possibly Flat Out or Powerslide (any other alternatives anybody?) Players can then choose which game type they join. Top ranked players will be required to join the top server if there is more than one server.
Thus you will be able to compete at your level and still gain points out of the round.
Ask Wayne for the details on the points but basically players will be ranked in a server and given points from the results.

We will also consider this with the Strategy game running maybe Warcraft DOTA Allstars alongside Generals.

What do you reckon? Which games do you prefer? If you have any others to recommend add them in the comments. They need to be a 8 (or more) player game so this rules out Need For Speed unfortunately.

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Gotta bung finger so will

Gotta bung finger so will only type short stuff.
So far gonna use 3 diff games of each type. FPS: Wolf ET, Far Cry & UT2004, RTS: Dota, Generals & Rise of Nations, RACING: V8, Powerslide, Flat Out.
Each night, you can join whichever server you want but at the end of the year we will only count your best result in each game so if you want to get the best score you can, you need to play every game until you're satisfied you've achieved the best you can in each one.
Teams for FPS will be split down the middle according to age (old fogeys vs young whippersnappers).

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wolf et will need to be et

wolf et will need to be et pro pplz or i know ther will b hax
and have to b runing punkbuster lucky kill killer and 007 all play in a clan so if u guys neeed help on pointer at the 30 hr we are ther to help we play it on and uing latestversions so u will need to gett all the updates for it.
we have most but not all. 007

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and lucky killer and 007

and lucky killer and 007 will own you guys if u dont prac on ET lol

Tim decided we're not using

Tim decided we're not using any updates next year. Basic installs only.

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sorry im not down grading my

sorry im not down grading my game because it to much hassel

lucky kill and killer will agree

one patch and we can play all u need is the 2.6 patch and u can play

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o yes and bf2 is going to be

o yes and bf2 is going to be interesting without its patches.......

BF2 has Patch 1.12 as in the

BF2 has Patch 1.12 as in the BF2 post. As I've said it wont be played because alot of ppls comps arnt up to scratch to run it eg. anyone running a Radeon 9200.

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ok let me clear this

ok let me clear this apparent confusion up

First of all stretch is correct. The reason we won't be playing bf2 this year as a comp game is because not everybody can play it. We will still play it as a non comp game using the current version / patch

in regard to comp games such as ET and Far Cry we will use the current version - eg for Far Cry 1.33. If Wolf ET has a current stable version now then we will use that. If during the year there are additional patches or version changes we will not be applying them for LAN play

These posts would have been more suitable in a different forum topic as this topic is about simultaneous servers.

and spell checking is a wonderful thing!

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well id there was a spell

well id there was a spell check built into the site i would u sit

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your head

your head

Why don't you guys just

Why don't you guys just learn to spell. It will serve you so much better.

agree i wayne totally learn

agree i wayne totally learn should to correctly spell thay

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well for people who cant

well for people who cant spell, the google toolbar does spellchecking now....i dont use toolbars myself but for those who do....

btw: everyone get firefox!

also with the games dawn of war has its new expansion ummmm is there any racing games that are good? like nfs but bigger servers? because racing games suck. can i just play 2 fps rounds because it'll only take me half the time to beat anyone because im so pro :P lol