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Card and Boardgame night results

CRBR005170_LoRes The first of these nights was a good one with 10 or 11 players showing up. I don't have all the results of individual games being played but what I can remember I have put down here. Rochie won at munchkins after a hard fought battle that started with a lot of curses being laid on players. Pente was played for a while at the beginning giving new players a taste of this addictive strategy game. I know N3ur0T3ch won one game and Dragongirl another but not sure who else won a game. Darksbane and N3ur0 cleaned up at Canasta after a very strong first hand. Once again a game that is new to some people so lots of learning going on. Scrabble and Rummikub got a work out by several players - sorry no results for scrabble but Rasita won Rummikub. KristyLee surprised everybody by being both the best liar and also the best at determining the truthfulness of others. Linda and Robert made the longest sentence from the fridge magnet word game with 13 randomly selected words being used.   Looking forward to the next games night on 26th April.

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Unreal Tournament 3

[img_assist|nid=472|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=100|height=67] After years of waiting Unreal Tournament 3 is finally on shelves. UT3 sticks to the old-school premise that had made classic games a fun experience. Elements have been replaced to create a faster-paced environment, such as not including the Shield Game. Now players will now find that the fast pace is a primary way to dodge and withstand fire. Epic has boldly decided to merge some of the old elements with the new in UT3. Dodge-jumping from UT200# is out, but the double-jumping is still present along with wall-dodging.

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[img_assist|nid=462|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=100|height=63]Crysis is one of the most beautiful games you'll see, set on a sunny tropical island, solid weapons, intelligent enemies and the nano-suit powers make this game a great ride. There is a huge level of action in the games which sees you juggling tasks, stealing vehicles while getting into the conflict. The game is constantly changing depending on what path you take, one time you might be dealing with an attack on a harbour next a ambush off the forest track, giving you a different experience every time. The ground even changes under your feet, one minute your walking through mud then suddenly the ground has turned to slush.

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