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Raw War Round 2 Results

Hi guys,

Thanks for a great evening on Saturday night. Plenty of good clean fun. The results are listed below. Remember that in each game, all your scores are tallied up (eg: every map score in CS) then you are allocated Raw War points at the end.

One point for finishing last, two points for second last, etc.

Next time I’m thinking about having an optional strategy timeslot around 4:00pm where the only game to score points will be DOTA. This will give those people that have to leave early the chance to record a strategy score and it also means that we might even get enough participants for 2 servers. I’ve chosen DOTA because it’s the easiest to play, install and run and most computers.

If you choose to just play your strategy game at the end of the night, you can do that too.

Xfire Debate Club: The Future of Counter-Strike

The second meeting of the Xfire Debate Club: The Two-Handed Sword is Wednesday, February 28th. The topic for debate this session is the future of Counter-Strike. Experts and users will be arguing about the pros and cons of upgrading from 1.6 to Source, predictions for the 2007 eSports season and the future of the popular FPS in the wake of big money contracts, cheaters, mods, and the rise of console gaming.

Our moderator of the night is Craig Levine. As a long time gamer, Craig founded Team 3D, the first truly professional video game team in North America, in April 2002. In addition to Team 3D, Craig also co-founded E-Sports Entertainment, an online gaming community and video solutions provider.

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Removing starforce from your PC

Starforce, the copy protection software is basically a device controller (driver) that is stealthily installed into your operating systems core when a starforce protected game disk is first read.

Unfortunately there are a fair number of games that come with Starforce "Protection" included.
These include V8 Supercars 2 and 3. It is likely that if you have played these games that these hardware drivers will be installed on your computer.

The problems they cause are many and varied starting with difficulties burning CDs and DVDs, higher burn fails, potential damage to the optical drive itself, and possibly PC slow downs.

I strongly recommend that you remove these drivers form your PC.
Here are some pages to read about the problem and how to remove the drivers.

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30 Hour update

For those who are unbelievers - we are still running the 30 hour LAN!
Only 4 sleeps to go

We will have net access, though only on a separate network and not for gaming, only for people who might need it for something like patches, email and banking etc.

Gigabit Network
We will have a Gigabit network for those who have Gigabit cards. This will be limited to those people only and still connected to the 100Mb network for everybody else. If you have a Gigabit switch feel free to bring it - we will have 14 Gigabit ports available.

We do have a fully catered option for those who want it for $40 - you must register online and then email be by thursday 11th to access this or I will not cater for you.

We will be playing
Call of Juarez
Nascar 2002 (dodgem cars!)
Far Cry
Battlefield 2 and maybe Battlefield 1942
V8 Supercars 2 and 3
Counterstrike Source
Company of Heroes
Rise Of Nations
and more..

So what are you waiting for - sign up online and get your PC to Lawnton for the 30 hours of insane leac - I mean lanning!

Stronghold Legends

Stronghold Legends

Stronghold Legends is the latest in the famous Stronghold castle-building, real-time strategy series. This version not only contains all the epic fortification construction and siege-making game play Stronghold is famous for, but sets your battles against the backdrop of three heroic legends of history and mythology. Lead King Arthur's valiant knights, marshal the ice giants of Siegfried the dragon slayer and herd the horrific werewolves of Vlad the Impaler into battle.

Get ready for battle in GameSpot’s Medieval Massacre Tournament!

Face the evil forces of your enemies in our $1,000 Dark Messiah Might and Magic ™ (PC) tournament. Summon your magic powers, sharpen your mighty swords, and prepare for intense melee and action.

Tournament registration is NOW OPEN!

In the Medieval Massacre Tournament, eight 6-player teams will enter the Might and Magic® universe and wage an epic battle to win the top prize. Every match will pit two teams against each other, but only one faction, the Humans or the Undead, will emerge victorious and advance to the next massacre.

The Elder Scrolls IV Knights of the Nine

The Elder Scrolls IV  Knights of the Nine

The expansion for oblivion.
Find out more

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