Mix your own Need for Speed ProStreet Trailers

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Need for Speed ProStreet is coming soon.
Need for Speed ProStreet combines the most impressive and photo-realistic in-game racing graphics ever produced. See stunning flag girls strut their stuff. Listen to the fresh new beats from Junkie XL. And feel the red-raw intensity of street racing at its highest level.
Want to get a first taste of the ultimate in street racing? Mix your own ProStreet game trailer online now.
< ahref="http://nfsmixer.ea.com/?friendData=YWFhaWFrYW9iaGF2YXphcWFyYXdiZWJmYXhianwwMQ==&locale=en&country=au&friendName=tim">Watch mine - add the link to yours in the comments (hint - email it to yourself to get the link).

Gamers Regret

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Cross posted from SpyJournal

Gamer regret- a sudden, horrifying sense of emptiness when you muse on all the other things you could have done with your game time.
Clive Thompson has written on the sudden feeling of gamer regret. "I was 10 days into playing Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground -- a little RPG I reviewed last month -- and I was poking around the "settings" menu. I noticed that it had a "time played" option, which shows you how long you've been toiling away at the game. Curious, I clicked it.
Thirty-six hours."
Clive continues on the internal debate gamers feel

What do you reckon - do you feel guilty about the time you spend playing games? Vote in the poll for how much time you spend per week playing games.

Major Site Upgrade

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We performed a major site upgrade on www.krostech.biz today.
You may notice some differences to image galleries, events and forums as a result, but generally I think it went pretty smoothly.
Please let us know if there are any problems you find. email krostech@krostech.biz or use the site feedback form.
We have now made comments easier with better spam control as well.

RAW WAR - November Grand Final

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The October Raw War saw combatants with their last chance to improve their scores in the 2007 Raw War Championship.

November Raw War will be on Saturday 17th, with a Grand Final – type format to decide the Grand Final winner for 2007. The games used will be the same 3 used all year.

Championship final results were:

1st – David (Nightshade) – winner of the KROSTech Top Gun trophy
2nd – Daniel (Penguinboy)
3rd – David (Uncle Dave)
4th – Wayne (BosomBuddy)
5th – Martin (Viper)

Don’t forget our Bathurst Spectacular on 12th January. Register here

Wayne is looking for comments and suggestions for the conduct of Raw War 2008. Everyone’s input is valuable, but I’m particularly keen to hear from those who weren’t able to attend much this year. Were you just not available or does the whole thing just suck?

Let Wayne know whatever you think.

V8 Supercars Bathurst Spectacular Prize List and Server Settings

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Disclaimer - these may be changed or updated closer to the event - keep an eye out for changes. updated 23/12/07

Set out below are the following prize categories, game version and format rules. Please keep watching this space in case of alterations and improvements.

We welcome your comments and suggestions on anything to do with the event. Please email Wayne on wake@technet2000.com.au

Current Arrangements as at 20th October 2007 23 December 2007.
Game Version:
V8 Supercars (3) or AKA Racedriver 3.

Patch Version From Codemasters - this patch needs to be installed.

Game Setup
Collisions: OFF
Black Flags: ON (for Wrong Way, Corner Cutting, Careless Driving).
Severity: Lenient

Win the Ultimate Crysis Pack

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Enter today to win the ultimate Crysis pack! Every week for 3 weeks there will be a give away of a copy of Crysis™ Special Edition, Windows Vista™ Ultimate and an NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600 GT Graphics Card. Then, on the 4th and last week they will upgrade the prize pack to include an NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GTX Graphics Card!

[img_assist|fid=382|thumb=1|alt=Crysis Pack]

V83 Bathurst Spectacular

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As part of the 30 Hour LAN we will hold the Annual V8 (3) Bathurst Spectacular. This will be held on Saturday 12th January, 2008. There is no compulsion on 30 hour lanners to join in, and Bathurst players will be on a separate network anyway so as to avoid leeching degrading their network performance.

Venue: Rivers Baptist Church, 90 Francis Road, Lawnton
Registration: email krostech@krostech.biz beforehand
Practice: anytime from 6:00pm Friday 11th through the night until qualifying starts
Qualifying: 3:00pm sharp
Blast Off: 4:00pm sharp
Finish: 10:00pm approx

One car per team (minimum 2 drivers per car) (choose your own team size and team members)
All teams must register either by email beforehand or by the rego form at the Lan.
Full Bathurst (161 laps – approx 5-6 hrs per team)


Sponsors and advertisers for LAN events and this website wanted.
Please contact us if you are interested in getting exposure to both our online and offline audiences.
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