EA SPORTS™ Rugby 06 Win Tickets To The 2006 Bledisloe Cup


The Ultimate Wallabies Supporter Prize!
To celebrate the release of EA SPORTS™ Rugby 06, Musichead is offering one lucky winner, and a mate, the ultimate Wallabies supporter prize! To be in the running, send Musichead a picture of you in your Green & Gold and show them how you're the Wallabies Number 1 Fan! The most creative photo of a Wallabies Fan wins!

Become an attacking powerhouse
Taste the tension and take the big hits as EA SPORTS™ Rugby 06 slams you back into the scrum for the most realistic and intense rugby experience yet. Keep the match flowing with new off-load passing and quick set plays and get as close as you can get to the mud, sweat and tears of the real thing with faster, more realistic and responsive gameplay. Drive your team to victory with effective use of your impact players whose innovation, inspiration and discipline can mean the difference between a humiliating defeat and a spectacular win. When the pressure is really on and the game is on the line, resort to tough tactics to neutralise your opposition’s impact players. Used at the right time, laying a high hit on an opponent can turn the game in your favour. But remember, it’s just as likely to hand the advantage to your rivals – and land your player in the dreaded sin bin. With authentic teams and players, more expansive gameplay and all-new hard-hitting action, EA SPORTS™ Rugby 06 lays bare the heart and soul of the greatest game on earth.


V8 Supercars 3

V8 Supercars 3 features the most motor sports in any racing game with over 35 types of racing through 120 championships.
- All the cars, rules and tracks from the 2005 season,
created with real V8 Supercars telemetry & GPS data.
- Most realistic damage system in any racing game
- Up to 21 cars on track in ultra-close pack racing.
- over 70 licensed racing cars and 80 circuits from around the world including V8 Supercars, Open wheel, GT, Touring car, Off-road and classics

Strike Force. Strike First.

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Commandos Strike Force

Don't miss the world premiere of the Commandos Strike Force single-player demo! Commandos Strike Force is a new first person tactical shooter featuring three members of the 'Strike Force' unit, the Green Beret, Sniper and Spy, each with a unique set of skills and weapons. Confronted by Nazi forces in Stalingrad, Norway and France, you will engage in top-secret missions to sabotage, kidnap officials and foil enemy plans behind enemy lines.

The single-player demo includes two playable levels:

Spy Level

-- As the spy stalk and kill the enemy throughout the French countryside. This training level will teach you the basic skills.

Green Beret and Sniper Level -- Lead an ambush in this two-commando mission. Switch on-the-fly between the Green Beret and Sniper as you work your way up the mountain pass.

Commandos Strike Force will be available in stores on April 4, 2006.

4th Feb LAN Review and results

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RAW WAR 2006 Round 1 Players Results

Updated results from Round 1 attached. Click the picture to see the scores. No scores were recorded from Far Cry due to Screen Dump problems. This should be rectified by Round 2.

As previously advised the scoring system is as follows:

Players receive 1 point for finishing last, 2 points for second last, 3 points for third last, etc.

The best 4 scores in each style of game (shooter, racer, strategy) will count towards the end of year total. Which means they will have 12 scores added together and the highest total in November will win.

In future, if we have too many for one server of a game, we will organise a second server and if possible even up the numbers and the standard.

Team scores were the results of the Far Cry Maps played.

RAW WAR 2006 Round 1 Team Results

Jing & MCSkinky didn't play racing or strategy, so they didn't record any scores for the night. Total attendance 19.

V8 had 11 players
Powerslide had 3
Dota had 9
Zero Hour had 3
Settlers of Catan had 3

We didn't run Top Gun at the first LAN but we will from Round 2 on.
You need to vote on which game we play for 2006 as the Top Gun Game.

30 Hour Lan Review

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The 30 Hour LAN was huge.
Lots of people, lots of gaming and lots of food.
In addition the airconditioned hall was a real asset meaning there were no stinky bodies lying around like last year!
Having the stage set up with the pool table and couches meant people could take breaks from their PC's and play some pool (some excellent games of kelly pooly were played), poker, watch TV and sleep on the couches.

Rochie and N3ur0 were the only ones to stay awake the whole 30 hours with MirkPigsy coming very close - just falling asleep in the last hour or so.

LAN Games played included Warcraft DOTA and Battleships, Far Cry, V8 Supercars 2, CounterStrike, Settlers, Wolfenstein ET and more.
Disappointing was the efforts to get Flatout going. It is an excellent game but seems to have real problems with the network. Doesn't look like we can play that this year.
No one was interested in playing Generals so thats probably going to get scrubbed also.

The stand out winners were DOTA and Far Cry. Penguin Boy supplied some excellent new maps - thanks PB!. It seems the Assault Maps are the most preferred with some insane FFA sessions (particulalry on Surf) happening.

Add your comments below or in the forums where MirkPigsy has added a topic.

LAN 6th May 2006

90 Francis Road Lawnton
Event Details:
12 hour LAN
Midday to midnight
The next regular 12 hour LAN is fast approaching on 6th May.
Login to Sign up now for 2 free cans of drink on entry.
6th April will be a full round of RAW WAR
Games played will be
FPS: Far Cry (Assault maps) (please make sure you copy all the maps before we start)
Driving: V8 Supercars 2 or Powerslide
RTS: Warcraft DOTA or Rise of Nations or C&C Generals or Settlers of Catan
Please remember, that you must have the games you want to play BEFORE pizza is delivered at 6:30. It pays to test them. So do yourself a favour, get there early, install the game, find someone else to create a server and make sure you can connect and play. Make sure you get all the maps for Far Cry also.
We will be running Top Gun again at 5:30PM.
It will be 20 minutes of death match.
It will be a percentage based score averaging system, with your 4 best percentages for the year being added to get your total rank.
We will only use standard maps for death match and they will be advertised in advance.
The TopGun map for 6th May will be mp_cliffside
We will play it the last thing before pizza - kicking off at 5:30PM sharp.


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Please contact us if you are interested in getting exposure to both our online and offline audiences.
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